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I’m so confused…! May 15, 2011

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OK, I know that alot of you have some questions going around in your head about what the heck is going on??? Kim was in recreation, now it’s changed? Whats up with that right? Well I am going to clear everything up so you all know what is a goin’ on round here!! I have moved up to Sales Manager!!! This position came available and I jumped on it, it is perfect for me and quite frankly I am good at it. I think everyone can understand when a great opportunity comes your way….you jump on it, and that is simply what I did. Not to say that I don’t love and appreciate recreation, I DO! This is why I will be working with recreation because the two positions go hand in hand. We now have an amazing recreation team. Tina, Cole and little Michele are going to put on an amazing year so don’t be discouraged….there is a bit of a transition time but we are meeting regularly to ensure that you, the members, are taken care of. You will still see me all the time…I am now a resident too!!! Give recreation a chance this year, I promise they won’t let you down!!!


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