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AUGUST FESTIVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! July 22, 2011

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Indian Lakes OPEN HOUSE FEST Aug 12th – 14th 12th vendors / flea market 11-7 13th vendors / flea market 11-7 13th OPEN HOUSE 1-5:30 14th vendors / flea market 11-7 Indian Lakes is ending the year with an open house with food, music and fun for all! Anyone who would like to set up a booth as a vendor, artist or crafter please email or there is no set up fee and all profits are yours! The event is free and open to the public at no cost. VENDORS, CRAFTERS, ECT ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN SET UP MATERIALS; ie TENT, TABLES, CHAIRS ECT. INDIAN LAKES WILL NOT BE SUPPLYING ANY SET UP MATERIALS. 1ST COME 1ST SERVE ON SET UP AREA, PLENTY OF ROOM TO SPREAD OUT. YOU MUST DO SOME TYPE OF ADVERTISING TO SET UP, THIS ONLY HELPS YOUR SALES. 7234 St. Rd. 46 Batesville, IN 47006 Camping is available 812-934-5396 or Contract attached (you do not need a ton of insurance so ignore that, this is a standard large corporation contract) just need proof of car insurance. FAX contract to 812-934-4792 please attach cover letter with contact info as well as what you are setting up FLYER ATTACHED FOR PRINTING AND HANDING OUT VIRAL OR PUBLICLY. Thank you, Kimberly Meadows / Sales Manager 812-934-5392


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